We Liked Their Style

The award goes to Gabe’s Place, in Glenwood, IL. On May 9th, Gabe’s was recognized for outstanding customer service. Awarded by Sundance Group, Inc. HR, Workplace & Career Consultants

Why did we choose to acknowledge such impressive customer service? Because we believe that it is a direct result of a healthy workplace, good management, and a sense of ownership about the company they represent.

Some overall points worth sharing:

25% of the participants acknowledged Food & Beverage/Dining

20% acknowledged those companies in Banking & Insurance

20% acknowledged Personal Services

The remainder of acknowledgements were an assortment of businesses.

The most important qualities mentioned were Trustworthiness & Quality of Service (70%) followed by Employees Seem Happy and Make a Good Impression on Behalf of Their Employer (65%), and the overall Value and Experience (60%).

Select Comments: Staff goes beyond normal courtesies to welcome you. After experiencing illness and then returning they acknowledged how they missed us and welcomed us back. Where do you get that anymore? Food is delicious, staff is always happy, and the place is decorated in different holiday or seasonal knick-knacks that cheer you up. Feels like home! Acknowledging the entire staff as outstanding.